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MegaTurtle, M-TRTL


MegaTurtle is a fun, fast and easy way to compare market prices of TurtleCoins and Bitcoins.

MegaTurtle (“M-TRTL“) is a certain amount of TurtleCoin (“TRTL“) that sums up to a metric unit that you can compare 1:1 to the price of Bitcoin (“BTC“).

The coin divisibility of both cryptocurrencies is different and therefore it is not possible to compare the price of 1 TurtleCoin equally to 1 Bitcoin. The MegaTurtle Project has done the math and publishes about the resulting coin economics.
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MegaTurtle, M-TRTL


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MegaTurtle, M-TRTL


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MegaTurtle, M-TRTL


Copy and paste the following code in your website to publish the badge with a real-time price quote of MegaTurtle, M-TRTL.

<div id="MegaTurtle-Badge"></div>
var x=new XMLHttpRequest();
x.onreadystatechange=function(){if(x.readyState==4&&x.status==200){document.getElementById('MegaTurtle-Badge').innerHTML=x.responseText}}"GET", "", true);x.send(null);

MegaTurtle, M-TRTL

Full disclosure

The MegaTurtle Project provides information about the coin economics of TurtleCoin and publishes a price quote that is the result of a small formula multiplying 47,619.047619047 TurtleCoin with the current market price of 1 TurtleCoin. The result of this formula is a real-time price quote of 1 MegaTurtle, M-TRTL.

It is useful when you are able to appreciate and comprehend the price of TurtleCoin in relation to Bitcoin. Because the coin divisibility of both cryptocurrencies is fundamentally different, you need to shift angle and compare them from the right perspective.

    The cryptocurrency TurtleCoin (“TRTL”) has a maximum coin supply of 1 trillion TurtleCoin
    1 TRTL can be divided in 100 units (2 decimals), called Shells (“SHELL”)
    The cryptocurrency Bitcoin (“BTC”) has a maximum coin supply of 21 million Bitcoin
    1 BTC can be divided in 100,000,000 units (8 decimals), called Satoshis (“SAT”)

It is possible to compare the maximum supply of both currencies if you compare them from the perspective of total number of divisible units in the system.

    Maximum amount of SHELL units is 1,000,000,000,000 x 100 = 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion)
    Maximum amount of SAT units is 21,000,000 x 100,000,000 = 2,100,000,000,000,000 (2,1 quadrillion)

Divide the total number of Satoshis by the total number of Shells to get the relative relation between both maximum supplies.

    2,1 quadrillion SAT divided by 100 trillion SHELL = 21

Divide the total number of SAT that makes a Bitcoin by 21 and you will get the total number of SHELL that you need to have for 1 MegaTurtle, which as a result becomes comparable to 1 Bitcoin.

    1 MegaTurtle is 100 million SAT divided by 21 = 4,761,904.7619047 SHELL

Because a TurtleCoin is divisible by 100 Shells, divide the total number of SHELL you need for 1 MegaTurtle by 100 to get the equivalent number of TurtleCoin.

    1 MegaTurtle, M-TRTL is 4,761,904.7619047 SHELL divided by 100 = 47,619.047619047 TRTL

Now it is possible to compare the maximum supplies of TRTL and BTC from the bright perspective.

    Maximum supply of MegaTurtle is 1,000,000,000,000 TRTL divided by 47,619.047619047 TRTL = 21,000,000
    Maximum supply of Bitcoin is 21,000,000

Our conclusion is that when doing the math, counting from the perspective of the total number of divisible units in the system, the maximum supply of TurtleCoin is 21 times smaller than Bitcoins’. Consequently, the metric unit of 47,619.047619047 TurtleCoin (“TRTL“) sums up to a MegaTurtle (“M-TRTL“) and can be compared 1:1 to the price of Bitcoin (“BTC“).

End of disclosure.

MegaTurtle, M-TRTL


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